BOA Steakhouse

Fitting an upscale steakhouse into the ground floor of a high-rise in Hollywood is no small task. With great care and coordination, the MEP systems for this restaurant are all but invisible in this award-winning project.

With atmosphere and aesthetic of primary concern, the HVAC system for the restaurant had to address cooking fumes at the street level, avoid interfering with the artistic cloud ceiling systems and lighting, all while squeezing into the space available below the structure of the high-rise's ground floor. DuctSox were utilized in the dining room so as not to interrupt the ceiling.

The electrical system was extensive and included providing power for the dozens of appliances at the kitchen, powering the equipment for a full service bar and wine cellar, an elaborate lighting control system allowing the scene to be set, and carefully considering conduit pathways through the existing building and structural members.

To handle the kitchen grease waste, a heated grease interceptor was located at the parking level beneath the restaurant. This location allowed for easy access, was minimally invasive, and allowed for collection of grease for bio-diesel.

The design team was led by Tag Front Architects.

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