central battery

Kaiser Permanente, North Hollywood


LRA is proud to be part of ongoing improvements at Kaiser Permanente’s North Hollywood campus. We have provided design and engineering services for:

  • Central UPS - 500kVA central uninterruptible power system. The project involved intercept of incoming generator feed, connection to existing normal power bus duct to provide full UPS, emergency backup of entire building. Work was carefully planned and phased to minimize temp power (required for critical temperature-controlled facilities).

  • Laboratory Expansions - Upgrade and replacement of automated sample processing lines, laboratory waste, DOAS for laboratories.

  • IT Upgrades - Building-wide upgrades to cabling, tel/data rooms, server room cooling, local UPS.

  • Specimen Processing - Upgrade and replacement of automated specimen processing line.

  • Survey & Assessment - Campus-wide MEP survey and narrative describing the existing HVAC, electrical distribution, and laboratory piping systems with recommendations.

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